Connect Food to Farm at the Minnesota Farm Bureau Building at the State Fair

We all eat. Few of us farm. Farmers in Minnesota will be volunteering at the Minnesota Farm Bureau Federation (MFBF) building at this year’s state fair to help bridge the connection between food we eat to Minnesota farms. Consumers are more interested than ever about how their food is grown and raised. MFBF is providing an avenue for fairgoers to meet and ask questions of the source of their food: farmers.

To allow fairgoers the chance to bring the farm experience home, there will be giveaways for children and adults.

Giveaways Bring the Farm Experience Home

The children’s book, How Did That Get in My Lunchbox, will be given away each day of the fair. This book offers children the opportunity to learn how food gets from the farm to their plate. Each day of the fair will end with a drawing for a children’s book to be distributed to the winner at the conclusion of the fair.

MFBF will hold a drawing for a rain barrel. While entering to win the barrel, fairgoers will learn how farmers are focused on environmental sustainability and have decreased their water usage in the past 20 years.

Lunch Cooler

The thermal lunch cooler is a wonderful addition to the food story fairgoers will experience at the MFBF building. Visitors will begin to connect their kitchen table with the farmer that grows their food and take home an insulated lunch bag after completing a quiz.

The MFBF state fair building is located at 1305 Underwood Street, directly across from the Food Building and behind the giant slide.