Minnesota Farm Bureau Comments on Agricultural Property Taxes

“Minnesota Farm Bureau Federation (MFBF) thanks the Minnesota House of Representatives and Minnesota Senate leadership and members for passing and Governor Dayton for signing the omnibus tax bill. This bill includes a 40 percent tax credit on the portion of agricultural property taxes going towards school debt bond levies,” said MFBF President Kevin Paap. “This tax provision is critical for addressing the current agriculture economy in Minnesota, and the burden placed on farmers as it relates to the amount of property taxes paid towards school debt bond levies in a bi-partisan and positive manner.”

The Tax Omnibus Bill was passed during the 2017 Minnesota Legislative Special Session, and Governor Dayton signed it on May 30.

“MFBF strongly supports Minnesota schools and is very thankful for the work done by the administration and legislators in conducting several town hall meetings throughout Minnesota to visit with farmers and landowners on the issue of high agricultural property taxes,” said Paap. “We appreciate their efforts to find sustainable solutions to fund capital school projects and help reduce the cost paid by farmers and landowners.”