Minnesota Farmers Celebrate Milestone Speaking Out for Agriculture

Minnesota farmers have a great story to tell and consumers are listening. The Minnesota Farm Bureau Foundation’s community outreach program, Farming Today has reached a key milestone by helping farmers tell their story to 500 civic and professional organizations and schools across the state. Farming Today connects farmers with consumers who want to better understand where their food comes from
Brooten, Minn., farmer Lucas Sjostrom of Jer-Lindy Farms delivered the 500th Farming Today speech to students at Champlin Park High School on January 17. Sjostrom addressed students during class at Champlin Park High School.

“It is rewarding to share my personal story of farming with a wide variety of audiences, including students” says Sjostrom. “They are all very interested in how their food is grown and raised today. And, it gives me an opportunity to clear up any misconceptions they may have about what farmers are doing today.”

Since 2011, the Farming Today program has reached nearly 16,000 Minnesotans directly with information about how today’s farming methods ensure, safe and nutritious food. Most consumers today are several generations removed from the farm with little if any knowledge of agriculture. Farming Today gives farmers the opportunity to connect with consumers and share their story of responsible, sustainable farming. 
Lucas and his wife, Alise, are partners in her family’s dairy farm bear Brooten. Jer-Lindy Farms is a 200-cow dairy farm that grows alfalfa and corn for cows, and apples for bees and people. Lucas also works for Midwest Dairy Association

“I am passionate about the American tradition of farming and the Farming Today program has given me the opportunity to share important information about agriculture with consumers,” said Sjostrom. “It is essential that people know farmers are constantly working to do things better for our animals, the land, our community and the next generation of our family.”

“Consumers appreciate hearing directly from farmers about what they do to raise food,” said Kristin Harner, Minnesota Farm Bureau Public Relations Director. “This 500th speech milestone is a great reward for the commitment our volunteers have made to share their farm and ranch stories and their inborn fondness for raising food, fiber and renewable fuel. We’re already looking at ways to expand the program to more audiences.”

Farming Today volunteers are located throughout Minnesota. They include farmers who raise row crops, dairy and beef cattle, poultry and pigs.

The Farming Today program is a program of the Minnesota Farm Bureau Foundation.