Share Your Story

By Debra Durheim
MFBF P&E Committee Chair

Not a day goes by that we are not educating and engaging in a conversation with someone about our farm. Just the other day, someone asked me about who takes care of the animals when it is so cold. They were amazed when I told them how we bundle up, and yes we sometimes get cold. But that is the responsibility that we as farmers undertook when we decided to go into this.

I get excited when I think about telling my story. Where do I start? What do I tell them? Will they comprehend what I am telling them? It is so simple for us because we, as farmers, understand most facets of farming, even when we learn something new every day.

Ag in the Classroom

There are many different opportunities to get involved in the Minnesota Farm Bureau Federation (MFBF) Promotion & Education (P&E) programs. One of those opportunities occurred at the MFBF Annual Meeting.
Agriculture in the Classroom (AITC) is an important role of our committee and allows us to educate and engage children about the basics of farming. During the MFBF Annual Meeting, we visited third and fifth grade classrooms in Bloomington and conducted AITC programs. If you are new to AITC, this is a great way to learn more about it. We did this project in groups so there were several Farm Bureau members per classroom. It was great fun for all of us involved and a great way for students to meet farmers.

Service Projects

The MFBF P&E Committee also led a community service project during the MFBF Annual Meeting. This year, we made sandwiches for the homeless as part of an outreach program named “Love One Another.” Other years, we have worked with Second Harvest Heartland and packaged potatoes, food mixes or backpacks. Not only do we educate and engage, but we help feed others through community outreach projects.

Leadership Conference

I encourage fellow farmers, those working in agribusiness, retired farmers, or aspiring farmers to come to the MFBF Leadership Conference in Bemidji February 3-4, as it could be “The Start of Something Great” for you. You never know what conversations you may have, new connections you will make or what will inspire and motivate you to be an agvocate for agriculture.

In Closing

Thank you MFBF for the many opportunities it has given to me through my involvement with P&E. If you have an interest in P&E I encourage you to visit with me or any of our state P&E Committee members (committee listing found at It’s an opportunity you are sure to enjoy.