Farm Bureau members to serve on National Advisory Committees

Three Farm Bureau members from Minnesota were appointed to serve on the 2016 American Farm Bureau Federation’s (AFBF) Issue Advisory Committees. The issue advisory committees are made up of farmers from across the country with a particular interest and experience in their focus area, and serve in an advisory capacity on issues for the AFBF president and board of directors, providing issue and policy development recommendations. The committees will meet as part of the AFBF Advocacy Conference, February 22-25 in Washington, D.C. to discuss issues of importance to their specific subject area.

The Farm Bureau members from Minnesota who have been appointed to AFBF Issue Advisory Committees are as follows:
  • Marlin Fay of Mower County was re-appointed to serve a two-year term on the AFBF Energy Issue Advisory Committee. This committee focuses on the Renewable Fuel Standard, wind energy, fracking, pipelines, CAFE standards and carbon regulations.
  • Jeremy Geske of Le Sueur County was appointed to complete his two-year term on the AFBF Water Issue Advisory Committee. This reorganized committee will focus on Clean Water Act issues, national and regional water storage programs, Army Corps of Engineers water related efforts and flood control.
  • Carolyn Olson, Minnesota Farm Bureau District III Board Director from Lyon County, was selected as chairwoman of the new Organic and Direct Marketing Committee. This committee was created in recognition of the growing size and policy issues arising from organic production systems, as well as the importance for many Farm Bureau members of direct marketing to consumers.

The purpose of the Issue Advisory Committees is to help insure that, as a general farm organization, Farm Bureau is serving the needs of all the issues faced by our members.

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