Action Needed! Tell the Governor about Conservation!

The governor is apparently unaware of the many things farmers are doing to protect water quality- we need to let him know!

Please click on the link below to send a message to the Governor to tell him about the conservation practices already in place on your farm. The link below will take you to a template that you can edit to share your story. These will also be sent to Warren Formo with the Minnesota Agricultural Water Resource Center (MAWRC) for compliation to continue to share our story of farmers protecting water quality.

This link will also work on your mobile devices, so if you are already out in the fields you can still participate! The Governor needs to hear from you! Knowing that it is a busy time of year, we hope you can still find a minute to set the Governor straight on what is actually happening.

Everyone's list of practices will be different, but just a few ideas of the everyday conservation practices we often take for granted that would be good to mention:
  • Apply nutrients using the best available science and methods
  • Store and apply pesticides safely
  • Store and apply manure safely
  • Reduce tillage to reduce soil erosion and maintain soil organic matter
  • Improved irrigation water management to reduce water consumption
  • Plant a cover crop when appropriate to capture nitrogen and reduce soil erosion
  • Installed a sediment basin or wetland to capture soil and nutrients
  • Replaced an aging tile system with a moder, lower impact design
  • Installed grass waterways to reduce soil erosion
  • Installed terraces to reduce soil erosion
  • Installed buffers along streams and ditches to catch soil and nutrients

Feel free to be more specific and add other details. Be positive- this is your story. Keep in mind that everyone's story will be different. Refrain from negatives or talking about what you think your neighbor should do- stick to the good things you do on your farm.

If you have any questions, please contact Warren Formo at

Click here to tell the Governor about Conservation!