It Takes a Village

Kristy Miron
MFBF Young Farmers & Ranchers Committee Chair

It’s the holiday season. My favorite time of year. This time is filled with holiday decorations, freezing temperatures and busy shopping malls. For Paul and I though, it is more about family and a time to reflect on life’s blessings. This past year, we have so much to be thankful for.

In September, we expanded our family of two and were so blessed to have a healthy, happy baby boy. James Michael joined our family on September 13 and never knew how much we could love someone we had just met. That being said, I quickly came to appreciate the phrase, “It takes a village to raise a child.”

Within our first week of having James home, we had so many family members that extended a helping hand to assist with anything we needed. From my mother coming up and preparing meals for us, to my mother-in-law lending a helping hand during the first few bath times, Paul and I were surrounded by family and friends who made our transition to parenthood a bit smoother. It truly takes a village to make a family thrive.

The family of agriculture is no different than our own. We all are called to lend a helping hand to ensure the success and prosperity of its future. During the annual meeting, we were all acclimated to the current issues and were given the tools and resources to combat our toughest issues. Farm Bureau allows us to feel confident in our ability to speak about our farms, family and agriculture. This was showcased in our Young Farmers & Ranchers contestants during the annual meeting. We had tremendous representation of farm families across the state speaking out about their achievements and knowledge of their farms and agriculture. Like proud parents, I know Minnesota Farm Bureau will be well represented at the American Farm Bureau Federation Annual Meeting.

I encourage all of you to not only be thankful for your own families, but also the family of agriculture. This family is filled with diversity, passion and care for future generations. Don’t be afraid to lend a helping hand or leverage your strengths to help develop our future leaders. Support those who are representing all of us on the local, state and national levels. Most of all, be thankful you are a part of such a great family!