Minnesota Farm Bureau Statement on Clean Water Rule Comment Period Extension

“The Minnesota Bureau Federation is pleased that the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has extended the time available to comment on new and highly burdensome clean water rules until October 20,” said Minnesota Farm Bureau Federation (MFBF) President Kevin Paap. “This is critically important for farm and ranch families as they have been busy in the field and will allow them to engage in the comment process and explain how they are greatly impacted by the proposed rule.”

“The EPA is proposing to amend the Clean Water Act to include all waters of the United States, instead of “navigable” waters. The EPA is over-reaching its authority with this proposal to manage all waters on a federal level,” said Paap. “This latest rule broadly expands federal jurisdiction and threatens local land-use and zoning authority.”


“Most farms would not be exempt from this rule,” said Paap. “While the EPA suggests that only 1,300 additional acres would be regulated, the American Farm Bureau Federation estimates that millions of acres would fall within the new definition. The EPA proposal is seeking to ignore what Congress and the Supreme Court have repeatedly prevented them from doing. We need to tell them that no means no.”


The new comment period allows citizens until October 20 to comment on the Waters of the United States rule, and until July 7 to comment on the accompanying interpretive rule. “Rest assured, we will use that time to its best advantage,” said Paap. “We will ditch this rule.”


For more information, go to ditchtherule.fb.org or submit your comments to the EPA via fbmn.org/pages/voter-voice.


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