Congratulations to March First in the Field Qualifiers

As part of the Keeping the Light on Membership campaign, 19 member volunteers signed at least three new members by March 3. Congratulations to the following volunteers and thank you for all you do:

Ted Brenny, Rosanne Caughey, Dean Christopherson, David Engelbrecht, John Gilbertson Sr, Dave Johnson, John Juusola, Rochelle Krusemark, Miles Kuschel, Larry Larson, Doug Lawrence, Fran Miron, Arnie Nelson, Kevin Paap, Charlie Padula, Gwendolyn Swenson, Harley Vogel, Joyce Welander and Roger Zastrow.


Four volunteers have already attained Producer Club status. Congratulations to Dave Johnson, John Juusola, Rochelle Krusemark and Kevin Paap!