RFS Heats up in Washington

The renewable fuels standard has been front and center this week in Washington, D.C. On Thursday, the Environmental Protection Agency held a hearing on its proposal to roll back total 2014 renewable fuel blending requirements to 15.52 billion gallons, which is 1 billion gallons less than 2013 totals.


On a media call earlier this week, American Farm Bureau economist Matt Erickson said if approved, the RFS changes could have real economic impacts.


“This will definitely … dampen the prospects for advanced biofuels, now and in the future,” Erickson said, explaining that the growth in ag exports, livestock output and crop output have all grown since 2007 when the RFS2 was adopted.  He also noted that while some policy opponents suggest that ethanol has a part to play in corn price increases, especially last year, the worst drought since the 1930s was more to blame.