Congress Faces Tight Timeline on Farm Bill, Budget

With the clock quickly winding down on 2013, congressional lawmakers are scrambling to wrap up work on key issues, including the farm bill and the budget.


If a new farm bill is a no-go, “breakfast in the United States is going to be significantly more expensive,” Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack has warned. The Agriculture Department is getting ready to make a number of changes that would affect several commodities, as well as the prices consumers pay. Beginning soon after Jan. 1, retail milk prices could shoot up by $3 per gallon or more as federal dairy policy reverts to a 1949 law. 


Another critical deadline for Congress and farmers alike is Jan. 15, when the current budget deal expires. Unless lawmakers put a budget in place beyond the middle of the January, funding dries up for most government programs, including those run by USDA. Read more on the FBNews website.