Statement by AFBF President Stallman Regarding WRRDA House Passage

“The American Farm Bureau Federation is extremely pleased the House passed H.R. 3080, the Water Resources Reform and Development Act of 2013. As one of AFBF’s priority legislative issues, passage of WRRDA is welcome news for America’s farmers and ranchers.

“Having an efficient and reliable inland waterway system linked to competitive ports is vital to America’s ability to provide affordable farm products domestically and to compete internationally. More than 60 percent of grain grown by U.S. farmers for export is transported via inland waterways and 95 percent of farm exports and imports move through U.S. harbors. New projects for flood protection, port improvements and upgrades to the nation’s aging locks and dams infrastructure authorized under WRRDA are long overdue.

“AFBF now looks forward to conference with the Senate, which passed its version of WRRDA legislation in May, and finally getting a bill to the President to sign.”