Government Shutdown Consequences Continue

The government shutdown is proving to have consequences many may not have anticipated. American Farm Bureau Federation chief economist Bob Young said in a recent Newsline radio story many of them affect farmers and ranchers.

“One of the key things for a competitive market is that everybody knows the same thing that everybody else knows,” Young said. “And that’s really what USDA’s reports provide. Everybody knows what USDA says. But when USDA’s reports are not available then folks that have private information have that much more market power, that much more market knowledge.”

That’s just one example. Employees at the Centers for Disease Control who gather and analyze data on disease outbreaks and help to bring them under control were not on the job during a recent salmonella outbreak. There are families who can’t get a home loan because Rural Development offices are closed…imports are sitting in ports because inspectors are furloughed and that barely scratches the surface.